Brette Elizabeth


I started writing songs simply for fun at the age of fourteen. Back then, it was the early 90s and there were a lot of amazing talented female solo artists that inspired me. However, I was mostly an alternative rock girl. Bands like U2, Oasis, and The Dave Matthews Band- those were the CDs constantly playing in my stereo system. As a teenager, music was my life and shaped my identity.

I got my first guitar, which I still have, at the age of sixteen. The first song I learned to play was an acoustic version of the Smashing Pumpkin’s, Tonight Tonight. (I still love that song today.) I had a few attempts at starting a band in my early twenties, however, I couldn’t find anyone I could musically mesh with. Shortly around that time I had stopped writing songs all together, along with playing the guitar, and singing. I had also given up on the music on the radio. Life had gotten in the way of music.

Fast forward ten years and after suffering from post partum depression during my pregnancy and after the birth of my son- I needed therapy. My mind somehow knew I needed  help and it naturally returned to music. The first song I wrote in over a decade, virtually popped out in whole form. It’s called ‘Please Don’t Let the Music Die’. It was as if my brain was addicted to writing songs again. For the next few years, I would re-write some of my older songs that I recalled by memory, along with new ones.

My debut album, ‘These Are The Seasons of Life’ is a mixture of my old and new songs. It’s my life at the present, where the past meets the future. Getting back on the musical train wasn’t easy. I had to learn the guitar from scratch again. And after not singing regularly for ten years, I needed a lot of practice.

It took a lot of sweat and love to overcome this and not give up.

Yet the songs keep coming…