Albums | Ryan Adams 1989

Albums | Ryan Adams 1989

Okay, I admit it. I am a closet Taylor Swift fan. I became a fan by being curious.

I began by listening to her music on Youtube to understand why she was so popular in the first place. (My conclusion is that she writes great melodies along with relevant lyrics.) I found the songs that connected with me the most are ‘Mean’ and ‘Shake it Off’. However, I don’t own one Taylor Swift album. Whenever I feel like listening to those tunes, I simply stream it on the internet. One day while doing some searches I came across an article about Ryan Adam’s cover album of 1989. “What an interesting concept,” I thought and I started to stream his covers on Youtube. I was hooked.

What I find the most fascinating about Ryan Adam’s cover album, is that the songs that I dislike the most on Taylor’s album are the ones I like the most on Ryan’s. For example, the song ‘Bad Blood’ never connected with me in Taylor’s super pop version. However, I can’t stop putting it on repeat when Ryan sings it. I also love his version of ‘Wildest Dreams’, yet Taylor’s version didn’t appeal to me at all. The reverse is also true. I love the song ‘Shake it Off’ when Taylor sings it, but I find that Ryan sounds like Bruce Springsteen in his version. It isn’t bad though.

So after a few weeks of listening to this album and doing a thorough study, I have come to this conclusion as a songwriter. Strong pop melodies go well in a singer-songwriter type music bed. That’s a great discovery because I have a few melody snippets that are catchy, but I wasn’t sure if I could turn them into songs. They just sounded too ‘pop’ for me. Thanks to Ryan, I know that they can and will work in the kind of music I write.

Another reason why I love this album is the concept. Before this, I haven’t heard of another artist covering a whole album. What a huge compliment that is, especially from a talented artist like Ryan Adams.