In the Studio | Seasons of Life

On a snowy December day, I went in to record my favourite song of the album- Seasons of Life. This is only my second time inside a recording studio and I was very excited! It was also my first time working with a new producer, Zachari Smith of Lake Studios. I was impressed by the music he had already produced for this song. Zachari is a multi-instumentalist and a touring musical artist in his own right. Finding someone to produce this album wasn’t easy and I’m glad that I somehow found Lake Studios. I am looking forward to working with him on the remaining songs on the album.

I was still recovering from the flu when I went into record the song. Two weeks earlier I had completely lost my voice. I was a bit worried that I couldn’t hit some of the notes but I went in to record anyways. Time is of the essence, as this song stresses. I hope you enjoy the first single of my debut album.